How to Create a team

How to Create a team

Hi GamelinGs! As we will be launching team-based events soon, we’ve created a short guide for you on how to create your own team on GamelinG.

1) Click on "MY ACCOUNT" at the top right corner to enter your profile page.

2) Click on "MY TEAMS" in your profile page.

3) If you are the leader, go to the "CREATE NEW TEAM" panel, create a new team. You can also upload your team logo. If successful, you will see your team created and retrieve the team code and pass it to your team members.

        If you are the member, go to the "JOIN A TEAM" panel, enter the team code and request to join the team.

4)    Next, select a team event from the arena.

5)    To register for a team event, you would need to enter:
        - All players must have entered their IGNs
        - The team size must be correct

        - Select your team
        - Select your teammates

        Click "REGISTER NOW" to confirm your participation.

You will be presented a "Registration Success" page and we will see you on Game Day!