Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Triangel FFF from Indonesia

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Triangel FFF from Indonesia

Showcasing our Gameling Supernova Event’s winner for Sirius 1 TRIANGEL FFF or Team FFF for short, this team of 6 members began their PUBGM career since Season 1. 

Their experience and skills were constantly honed when they actively participated in Inter-clan online tournaments in Indonesia and in custom room games with regional hosts.  The team’s vision: war is entertainment, winning is tradition (Fight For Fun = FFF).  Mission: to be a team that continues to grow until it becomes the best of the best. 

Team FFF believes in working together in all matters for the benefit of the team, they believe in traditional values such as discipline and constant hard work. 

We want to congratulate and thank Team FFF from Indonesia for their participation in the Supernova Event and we will leave a little teaser, stay tuned for our upcoming Gameling mobile app.