Gameling Spotlight: Introducing The Hill from Thailand

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing The Hill from Thailand

Gameling is proud to showcase “The Hill” from Thailand in our First ever gauntlet event. The young team of 8 members consisting of DINOSAUR, OUT, COUNTDOWN, IN, DOOR, MrSKY, Jerry and GZ proved that they are truly the “Kings of the Hill” in our gruelling 5 week long Gauntlet event by championing the first, the second and semi-finals round by overcoming skilled opponents with sheer determination and excellent teamwork. The team has been playing competitively since PUBG Mobile Season 1 and 2 but believes in having a diversified portfolio, they actively pursue other games such as ROV or Ragnarök M. 

The Hill actively hunts for challenges in the Thai gaming arena and participates in weekly events like the EArena Battle Series and the FANTECH ECHO MH82 PUBGM Tournaments. The Hill believes in consistent effort and religiously participates in every PUBG mobile Esports TH events. Their ethos to treat each other as family has delivered them to success when the team achieved second place in the Sisaket E-sport series winning a grand prize of 15000 Thai baht.  

Their hunger for new challenges and exposure propelled them to search for regional events, the opportunity arose when one of Gameling's core casters Becrazy promoted our event on his webpage. The Hill gained their first regional exposure by joining our Gauntlet event that features teams from multiple SEA countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei and Indonesia.  

On a steady path to victory, they are moving onwards from the semi-finals round. So, catch them in action in the finals of the Gauntlet event next week. From the Gameling team we want to wish them all the best with our creed “Get Good, Get Paid”