Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Suicidesquade from Thailand

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Suicidesquade from Thailand

Gameling proudly presents Suicidesquade from Thailand, this closely-knit team of 5 players was put together a year ago. As a testament to their extraordinary skills, determination and hard work, they won our Tier 1 League - Centauri in the Supernova event.

Impressively the team does not have any prior FPS experience until PUBG, and yet they won the eArena tournament for 3 weeks in a row when they joined the Thailand Championship tournament and 1 of their players even got into the finals. They participate predominantly in local competitions in Thailand and have won up to 20,000 THB. 

Their hunger for greater challenges and worldwide recognition spurred them to venture into the international arena. Suicidesquade puts in tremendous hard work and dedication in honing their skills to achieve their aspirations of being a globally recognized esports team. They practice 5 days a week in BeCrazy’s Scrim room and internal self-hosted practice matches. 

Once again Gameling Wishes to congratulate Suicidesquade and we want to take this opportunity to wish this young team that is brimming with potential every success in many more Gameling events to come. Cheers!