Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Rob Gonzales from Philadelphia

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Rob Gonzales from Philadelphia

GamelinG proudly presents the newest edition to our family of casters; Mr Rob Gonzales, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr Rob Gonzales is a professional e-sports host and commentators, he is the content creator for Team Liquid that hosts over 60 championship calibre athletes from all over the world across numerous games such as StarCraft, Clash Royale, League of legends and many more. Take a look below at our interview transcript with Mr Roberto;

1.) How did your passion for e-sports start?

It started when I was 13 years old and I was introduced to Magic: The Gathering. I’ve loved the competition but also all of the great people I’ve met around the world. Many of those people played games like DOTA, League of Legends, and PUBG, so I wanted to learn about why everyone loved them too.

2.) What motivated you to pursue casting as a full-time career?

I’ve always been a salesman and actor. My mother said once I started talking, I was selling someone something. Casting is this great combination of acting and also creating an environment for people to enjoy their favourite games. It makes me so happy to bring energy to a cast after working normal jobs for so long.

3.) How did the people in your lives supported and motivated you in this line of work?

My wife is my number 1 fan. She is the one who said for me to push to make my dreams possible and see if I could do the e-sports thing full time. So far so good!

4.) From an experienced and successful caster like yourself, what is the most important quality do you think a new caster should work on?

Being yourself. It’s hard to be yourself because in this business we all take cues from the most successful people. I think what makes a new caster stand out is being a little different but also knowing what they are talking about. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks!

5.) Comparing with the American and European e-sports industry, what do you think about the South East Asian e-sports industry?

I’m still learning about the SEA region. My interactions have been limited so far but what experiences I have had have been very positive. The audience and tournament organizers have been very open and appreciative for my work and that means a lot.

6.) Seeing many e-sports teams in action, what kind of qualities do you feel that winning teams should possess?

Confidence and hard work. You have to not be afraid to work your ass off and know it will work. Granted, it won’t work all the time but you have to feel that your hard work will give you the best chance.

7.) If you were to say something encouraging to our readers, new casters and players what would it be? 

The future is so bright for you. Companies all of the world want to be in e-sports and use you as the face of their new products. It will be tough but keep with it. You can do it and you will do it!

8.) How do you find GamelinG after casting for us for our first underlords event?

The GamelinG team is amazing! I’m happy to say that when things aren’t going prefect, they are patient, listen to advice, and get it done. I’m excited to see what the future holds for GamelinG!

9.)   Would you consider to cast for other GamelinG events in the future?

Absolutely. I’d love to do PUBG or TFT! Actually, just being part of the team now is great and wherever they can use me, I’d love to be involved! 

Lastly, We want to thank Mr Rob Gonzales for his contributions in casting for our Dota Underlords event as well as for the contents of this interview article. Quoting from Mr Mr Rob Gonzales to all our Gamelings “You can do it and you will do it”, we want to wish all of you a great e-sports career ahead!  

You can catch Roberto in action from the channels below.