Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Reign from Thailand

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Reign from Thailand

Presenting a multinational team from across Asia including Singapore, India and Thailand. Reign has proven that they truly deserve to rule the competition by winning our Gameling Supernova Polaris 2 event. 

The 17 member team is Lead by REIGN乛X and  REIGN乛P since SS1, the team comprises of esports athletes such as VB | Nobita. a professional esports athlete from the Vest Broken Thailand. Reign乛MrRip who used to compete at the provincial level and won 2nd place in SOLO mode. Reign乛P who is actively competing in the PUBG mobile online tournaments in India and Reign乛Nothing who has extraordinary talent in streaming and as a PUBG mobile player

Reign actively competes in various gaming genres such as COD, Mobile Legends and LOL mobile and looks for opportunities to showcase their considerable talents in overseas competition. Locally, the team has performed with distinction and has won prize amounts of up to 20,000 THB which is the equivalent of SGD $1,000. 

The team targets to play professionally and believes that improving the skills of every single team member and playing cooperatively and with consistency, they will gain the support of their fan base and thus achieve global recognition.  

We at Gameling wish to thank Reign for their participation and achievements in our Supernova event, catch this dynamic team in action in all our future Gameling events!