Gameling Spotlight: Introducing PSG Esports from Singapore

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing PSG Esports from Singapore

We are pleased to see our homegrown team got acquired by PSG Esports and competing at the Brawl Stars International stage. CoupDeAce, the captain of the team have been competing at the pro level since 2019 and is a veteran in the global tournaments. 

Here's our interview with the captain of the team, CoupDeAce:

1. How was the team formed?
After competing in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2019 in Korea with Spacestation Gaming, I planned to form a brand new team for the upcoming tournaments in 2020. I selected a few players and performed a trial and finalized my team and that's how we got our final 5 players.

2. How long have you been playing Brawl Stars? 
Jordan and I have been playing since Android release. Response and Relyh started since Beta and Scythe started shortly after global release.

3. Do you guys play other games? 
Some of us plays DOTA 2, CS GO and League of Legends.

4. Does your team join local competitions? If yes, which competitions? 
There isn’t much local competitions and GamelinG are one of the organizers that do more brawl stars tournaments. We hope that there will be more in the future to give local players have more opportunities to compete.

5. Does your team join overseas competitions? If yes, which competitions? 
The Brawl Stars World Finals 2019 in Korea and the monthly World Championship at Poland in 2020. There will be 7 more LAN events for Poland and we will be competing again next month.

6. What is the greatest prize money that your team has won? 
Our new team PSG Esports have competed in our first LAN tournament and won $12,500 USD finishing at 1st runners-up in the March World Championships in Poland.

7. Do you think your team can compete competitions full time to earn a living? 
Definitely, I planned on doing it this year. Brawl Stars tournament format has changed this year for the World Cup. The prize money has increased and it pays well to compete full time.

8. How did your team get scouted, contacted and recruited by PSG? 
I got scouted by PSG as I went to World Finals 2019. I was in close contacts with their manager and he approached me.

9. Do you have any contracts of obligations with PSG? 
Yes we have a contract and are paid monthly salaries but I can't revealed other details.

10. What does your team do to improve and play better every day? 
We practise almost every day. We do scrimmages with other top teams to maintain our level of competitiveness in order to compete at the highest level. We do analysis on the games we practised and seek for improvement.

11. What was the key factor that contributed to the finishing as 1st runner-up in the Brawl Stars Championship? 
We had to organize scrimmages against Qlash and Code Magic as I feel that the EU region has the best teams. We have to develop a few compositions as some worked out well against Asia teams but the EU teams are just on another level.

12. What is your team vision and plan for 2020? 
Our goal is to be the best team in the world. We plan to qualify every month to the Championship in Poland so that we can earn enough points to get a spot at Brawl Stars World Cup 2020 in November.

13. What do you think a Brawl Star beginner can do to attain competitive skill level? 
A beginner has to first learn the mechanics of the game. Basically, shooting/dodging. To be a competitive/pro player u would need good game sense like how to move around the game, what to do given the situation, react to your opponent’s actions. Team synergy and chemistry is also important as well as the tournament is a team event.

14. What advice would you like to give for gamers who wants to compete for International Tournaments? 
First, work on their mechanics and game sense on their game. Watching pro gameplays do help. Watching replays also helped to find out what went wrong during your game. Be open minded to criticism, it would be a good step into learning how to be a good teammate. Gather 3-4 strong and committed players as a team whom you could develop good chemistry with. Lastly, be passionate and dedicated to the game to achieve better results and hone better skills.

We hope to provide a better competitive scene for Brawl Stars to the community in Asia and would encourage more like-minded gamers who wish to compete to come forward to practise regularly and join our tournaments. Looking forward to see you guys soon in the upcoming Brawl Stars Robo Cup!