Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Orange E-sports from Cambodia

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Orange E-sports from Cambodia

Let us warmly welcome PMCO 2019 top 10 finalist 8th in place, Orange E-sports from Cambodia, this professional team consists of 4 active members that have been playing together since Season 1 of PUBGM.

Here's our interview with the team:

1. How many members are there?
4 members currently, and 1 inactive substitute 

2. How long have you been playing PUBG?
We have been playing since Season 1

3. Have you play other games?
We do play other games, but our focus lies within PUBG Mobile

4. Does your team join local competitions? If yes, which competitions?
Hardly, as there are not many options available in our country currently

5. Does your team join overseas competitions? If yes, which competitions?
Yes. We try to participate in all overseas competitions as long as it is open to us. The only ones we are participating in currently are tournaments held by Tencent Games. And recently we have been invited for the Peacekeeper Elite Championship Winter Series 2019.

6. What is the greatest prize money that your team has won?
At PMCO Fall Split SEA Finals – USD10,000 and PMCO Fall Split Global Finals – USD10,000

7. Do you think your team can compete competitions full time to earn a living?
No. A broad ecosystem is required in order to sustain a living as a player. Living just on prize money will be difficult as there are not many competitions available to us within Cambodia itself.

8. What is your team vision and plan?
Our team vision is to become an inspiration to all aspiring gamers in the world, letting them know that regardless of their background, their race, their religion, their gender or their age, dreams can be achieved.

9. What does your team do to improve and play better everyday?
We do personal training and come together to discuss game strategies. Thereafter, we will participate in scrims to test the newly developed strategies.

10. From Spring Split to Fall Split, what is the key that the team have done to improve to achieve Top 8 in Global Finals?
After Spring Split, our captain, Stalker went back to the drawing board to plan for the Fall Split. The first pick up was Fire, previously captain of another Cambodian team – X-Force. Thereafter, he sought for his trusted partner in game Leon and Potato to join to team to add more firepower and strat-play. PovPov was the last addition, an un-cut diamond discovered during ranked games. The new team set out with new goals to become one of the best in South East Asia.

11. What would be the future plans for 2020?
To cement our position as an esports powerhouse and get back onto the world stage to bring that coveted trophy back home.

12. How would you like to inspire your fans in Cambodia or the rest of South East Asia?
Continue dreaming and work towards it. Dreams remain dreams when not actioned upon. Effort, hard work and with a little bit of luck, helps you inch towards your dreams ever closer.

13. How do you think a normal player in PUBG can form a team to compete at the highest level?
Find players not only because of their skills. Attitude and chemistry is a huge factor to a successful team.

14. By participating in past Gameling events, have it helped in your training before the PMCO?
Yes, as Gameling congregates the best teams in South East Asia (arguably the toughest region in the world) to compete against each other.

Similar to Orange E-sports, Gameling is focused on the Ecosystem, thus we are driven to create that sustainability and develop a conducive and progressive community for all our stakeholders.  Wishing every success to Orange E-sports, we would like to encourage all readers to be brave and fearless in trying to achieve their dreams. Catch this high octane team in future Gameling events!