Gameling Spotlight: Introducing MKES MooGrobTH from Thailand

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing MKES MooGrobTH from Thailand

Gameling proudly presents Gameling Gauntlet 2019 Champion team MooGrobTH. This 5 man 3-month-old SHOOTING STARS from Thailand grabbed the number 1 spot by ousting the other 353 teams amongst which are numerous PMCO teams from other SEA regions. The journey through our Gauntlet Event was long, arduous and fraught with challenges, yet MooGrobTH survived the 5-week journey with skill, wit and excellent team spirit. They overcame all challenges and became 1 step closer to achieving their World Class Status.  

The secret to their success is the team's strong belief in consistent improvement and teamwork. Being focused on achieving their goal, MooGrobTH actively hunts for new challenges by taking part in large competitions such as the AIS Zeed PUBG Mobile Thailand Championship 2019 and offline competitions all over Thailand.  

Delivering excellent results soon became the hallmark of this team's performance, this catapulted MooGrobTH to get noticed by sponsors such as MKES. They are currently sponsored to compete in different regional competitions in Thailand honing the team further into esports gaming elites. 

Finally, We at Gameling would like to congratulate MooGrobTH on winning our Gameling Gauntlet 2019 and warmly welcome them into the Gameling community to participate in all our future events. 

 As our Gameling motto states, Get Good! Get Paid!