Gameling Spotlight: Introducing MjayC from Philippines

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing MjayC from Philippines

GamelinG proudly presents MjayC from the Philippines, this diverse caster is familiar with a wide variety of online games predominantly in brawl stars and under lords. His passion for gaming started from high school till his casting career today. Read all about his casting journey below!

1.) How did your passion for e-sports start?

It all started the time my friends introduced me to the game Defense of the Ancient (Dota2). Since high school I play this game as a hobby or just a past time with my friends but growing up I started to get serious about playing this game and tried joining to some mini tournaments in our area. At that time, I realized I have something in me that I can showcase to other people when it comes to playing computer games and joining the e sports scene. But as time goes by when I started college I stop playing for a while and focused studying but when I have free time, I always play the game to get updates for some patches that has been applied to the game. Moving on fast forward to where I am right now I have been working different jobs and started investing in my own pc and afterwards a couple of months I met a guy who works under GamelinG as a caster and asked me if I want to try out casting a game which is Dota Underlords which a game I played as well so I gave it a try and I passed the screening and now I am working as one of the casters of GamelinG.

2.) What motivated you to pursue casting as a full-time career?

One thing that motivates me is my love for playing computer games. Playing and working at the same time is like a dream job for everyone who loves games. When I started casting under GamelinG and tried casting games I felt a different kind of feeling of like boosting my self-confidence and started to love this job.

3.) How did the people in your lives supported and motivated you in this line of work?

At first my mom didn’t know what I was doing but after some time and tried explaining to her what I have been doing in my casting she supports me and just cheers me up every time. Also, my girlfriend who is also a gamer supported me by buying me a new set of headset and mic even buying me a new light for much better lighting in my streams. The feeling of people supporting you on what you love is the best thing ever.

4.) From an experienced and successful caster like yourself, what is the most important quality do you think a new caster should work on?

For me casting under GamelinG for more than 3 months already what I can advise to a new caster that they should work on is about understanding first the technicality of the game, second is be confident as always and finally always put your heart out in everything you do if you love what you are doing.

5.) Comparing with the American and European e-sports industry, what do you think about the South East Asian e-sports industry?

For me, SEA e-sports industry earns more hype for the crowds that are supporting e-sports than other countries. But most fans today of e-sport everywhere around the world is different in their own way. What I can only say as a Filipino fan and attending World tournaments I can see how Filipino fans really put they heart out in supporting e-sports.

6.) Seeing many e-sports teams in action, what kind of qualities do you feel that winning teams should possess?

Best quality of a team should possess is teamwork, without it you can never understand each other and support each other when playing as a team.

7.) If you were to say something encouraging to our readers, new casters and players what would it be? 

Do what you love and just give everything to your passion and keep moving forward. 

8.) How do you find GamelinG after casting for us for our events?

I find GamelinG a very good organization in putting up tournaments for aspiring players to join a big or small tournament to pursue their passion in gaming/e-sports.

9.)   Would you consider to cast for other GamelinG events in the future?

101% will do.

Be passionate in what you do, and you will achieve your aspirations, GamelinG wishes to thank MjayC for his valuable message to all our readers and wishing him every success in his rapidly rising casting career!  Get Good Get Paid!

You can catch MjayC in action from the channels below.