Gameling Spotlight: Introducing GoldenCat from Thailand

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing GoldenCat from Thailand

Featuring GoldenCat from Thailand, this young team of 5 members decided to form a team about a year ago after discovering their passion in Rules of Survival and Call of Duty. Their competitive streak propelled them to participate in Large scale tournaments in national Thai esports competition both on and offline. 

As a Testament to their skill and hunger for success, the team gradually participated and qualified for international events such as PMCO Spring Split in China and Indonesia’s SEA Grand Finals. GoldenCats’ skills and achievement is evident when they won USD $5,500 in the SEA Grand finals in Indonesia. 

This talented team of students aspires to be the world champion and actively hunts for international events to push their achievements to the next level. Their secret for success is simply these three words “Practice, scrim and compete”. 

Once again we at Gameling wishes to congratulate GoldenCat from Thailand for winning Polaris 1 and wishing them every success in many more games to come. See them in action for our future Gameling evets, Get Good! Get Paid!