Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Eilaine from Philippines

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Eilaine from Philippines

GamelinG proudly features Eilaine from the Philippines, this optimistic and ever positive caster truly brings a smile to all her viewers and fans during her casting sessions, read her interview below!

1.) How did your passion for e-sports start?

I didn't really understand esports, but I've always loved playing online games. Later did I know I could put it to good use when I started playing PUBG Mobile and getting serious about it 

2.) What motivated you to pursue casting as a full-time career?

It's the knowledge one gets as a caster. It gives you the power to understand movements that you may follow on to become a pro player.

3.) How did the people in your lives supported and motivated you in this line of work?

Unfortunately, they don't understand it at all. They wanted me to do something that requires movement. As a caster, you'll eventually just got to sit still until the end of your game. Nevertheless, they didn't stop me from doing what I love.

4.) From an experienced and successful caster like yourself, what is the most important quality do you think a new caster should work on?

Patience and Confidence. Just keep on doing it. Practice and be confident that even if others think you can't do it. Just BRING IT ON!

5.) Comparing with the American and European e-sports industry, what do you think about the South East Asian e-sports industry?

IT'S IMMENSELY IMPROVING! It's now being considered as a SPORT that can be competed at during our ASEAN Olympics. I am proud that I am a product of the SEA E-sports Industry.

6.) Seeing many e-sports teams in action, what kind of qualities do you feel that winning teams should possess?

Teamwork, communication, patience and READINESS. A successful team needs all players to understand the rules before taking in to play.

7.) If you were to say something encouraging to our readers, new casters and players what would it be? 

BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE. Everything can be learned.

8.) How do you find GamelinG after casting for us for our PUBG Mobile events?

I am astounded that I am a part of GamelinG and it keeps me doing more than just playing.

9.)   Would you consider to cast for other GamelinG events in the future?

ABSOLUTELY! I'll be waiting for more.

Catch Eilaine live on our PUBGM events and we wish you the very best not only as caster but as a fellow player as well! So, the saying goes. Get Good! Get Paid!

You can catch Eilaine in action from the channels below.