Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Dennim from Philippines

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Dennim from Philippines

Featuring Dennim from the Philippines, one of our casters for PUBGM, read about his exciting journey from his passion for games as a kid to his casting career in our exclusive interview below.

1.) How did your passion for e-sports start?

Ever since when I was introduced at a very young age to Nintendo’s Family Computer, that is since when I started loving video games to a point that I spent all Saturdays playing video games for a day. I also went to the mall computer arcades to play and compete for Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat. I love the excitement and thrill that I felt competing with my friends and some local tournaments where I myself became a participant for StarCraft and Red Alert. I started fell in love with PC gaming when Counterstrike got into the scene gaming. It came to a point when I even cut my classes just to practice for a local area network tournament, but I am not saying that you should do because studying and being good at school is still what I promote.  

2.) What motivated you to pursue casting as a full-time career?

I wasn’t really thinking about being a caster or even becoming a game streamer until I started watching people playing video games on Facebook which I didn’t even had the idea that it’s not only Facebook who first introduced game stream platform for gaming content. Then I saw Stonemountain64, Alodia Gosiengfiao, and Darkness249 on Facebook enjoyed streaming different video games then it encouraged me to try it myself become a streamer. Then I tried casting some tournaments that I myself organize until I was invited by clans do a casting for their online tournaments. When I reviewed my live streams during my casting, I then realize that I am passionate about what I am doing and does enjoy interacting with people who left their comments on stream which motivated me to pursue casting which I eventually love doing.

3.) How did the people in your lives supported and motivated you in this line of work?

The ones who are not my close friends, relatives, and family were the very people who supported me on game streaming and casting because they’re the ones who understand what I do. They are even the individuals whom I don’t personally know or get acquainted with but they are the ones that encourage me to get going.

4.) From an experienced and successful caster like yourself, what is the most important quality do you think a new caster should work on?

Everyone would say that being yourself is the best of what you can do. I do agree with the fact that you need to be yourself but the most priority thing you need to work out is to learn and play the game that you wanna cast be knowledgeable of the technicalities of a certain video game and understand how it is being played. Watch and observe other game casters but not copy their personality on how they deliver.

5.) Comparing with the American and European e-sports industry, what do you think about the South East Asian e-sports industry?

Southeast Asia? It is where we see new, underrated, and less recognized individuals but eventually noted as one of the best in the International scenes.

6.) Seeing many e-sports teams in action, what kind of qualities do you feel that winning teams should possess?

A winning team requires humility, teachability, wisdom, and knowledge on the game that they play. Dedication and focus do play a vital role as well to never forget to use your head over your emotions.

7.) If you were to say something encouraging to our readers, new casters and players what would it be? 

Never force yourself doing something that you find yourself not enjoying. You feel it’s not right, then stop.

8.) How do you find GamelinG after casting for us for our PUBG Mobile events?

Honestly, I never imagined casting a PUBG Mobile on an English content, but it became a stepping stone to prove myself that I can always do better at anything that I am capable of doing.

9.)   Would you consider to cast for other GamelinG events in the future?

Casting GamelinG events in the future? Why not? It’s an honour.

We at GamelinG want to take this opportunity to thank Dennim for this interview and encourage all our readers to embrace their passion, we want to wish Dennim and all our readers every success in your esports career! 

You can catch Dennim in action from the channels below.