Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Denden from Philippines

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Denden from Philippines

Introducing our gorgeous Caster from the Philippines aptly named Goddess! Read our exclusive interview with this passionate and dedicated caster for Esports below.

1.) How did your passion for e-sports start?

Growing up, I have always been interested and involved in video games. All the way from the first play station, to Gameboys, PSPs, Nintendo DS... But I guess what really got me hooked was the excitement and thrill I experience whenever I play with my friends. Another thing would be that esports has also become some sort of outlet for me, like a stress reliever... it makes me genuinely happy and that’s why I’m very passionate about it. 

2.) What motivated you to pursue casting as a full-time career?

Back then, I never really saw myself where I am now...  A shout caster/streamer. It doesn’t really fit with my shy personality. However, throughout my gaming life and being in the gaming/esports community for quite some time, I am lucky to have met a lot of amazing people. These people are the ones I now call my friends and they are also the ones who continue to inspire and motivate me every day with what I am doing. 

3.) How did the people in your lives supported and motivated you in this line of work?

I can say that a lot of the people in my life do not understand what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and sadly some are even against it. It’s truly heart-breaking when these people are the ones who are supposed to be supporting you with what makes you happy. That’s why I am very thankful for the ones that do support and understand me. 

4.) From an experienced and successful caster like yourself, what is the most important quality do you think a new caster should work on?

In pursuing my career to become a caster, I think the most important quality that he or she should work on would be confidence, perseverance and to have a positive mindset. I think these qualities are essential in order to grow as a shout caster.

5.) Comparing with the American and European e-sports industry, what do you think about the South East Asian e-sports industry?

I think the South-East Asian esports industry is growing really fast and will continue to grow and become as engaged and competitive as the American and European esports industries. 

6.) Seeing many e-sports teams in action, what kind of qualities do you feel that winning teams should possess?

I think that in order for teams to win, they must be intelligent in the game. They must also have good chemistry and teamwork with their teammates. A good team must be determined to learn and improve not just their gameplay but also their character as a gamer and their role in their team. As the saying goes: “Talent wins games but intelligence and teamwork win championships”.

7.) If you were to say something encouraging to our readers, new casters and players what would it be? 

If it makes you happy, it doesn’t have to make sense to others and it’s definitely not a waste of time. It makes you happy and that is reason enough to do it.

8.) How do you find GamelinG after casting for us for our PUBG Mobile events?

I am very thankful and lucky to be given the opportunity to work with GamelinG. Working with them has helped me improve and grow not just as a streamer but also as an individual.

9.)   Would you consider to cast for other GamelinG events in the future?

Definitely. It would be my pleasure. 

We would like to thank and re quote our Goddess, “Talent wins games but intelligence and teamwork win championships”. This phrase is something that Team GamelinG resonates with and want to encourage all our valuable readers and Gamelings to claim. Once again catch Goddess live streaming for Gameling in our weekly PUBGM tournaments today. Get Good Get Paid!  

You can catch Goddess in action from the channels below.