Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Battle Arena Elites from Malaysia

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing Battle Arena Elites from Malaysia

GamelinG proudly presents the team from Battle Arena Elites, a professional E-sports organization from Malaysia. This high octane team from Malaysia clinched the 2nd spot from our most recent PUBG PC tournament. Their roster consists of 7 members. 4 core players, 1 substitute, 1 coach & 1 team manager, most of their members mostly come from CS: GO background and this has helped them establish a solid foundation in FPS games. Coupled with their dedication to their E-sports career, the team clocks an impressive 6000 total hours of gameplay in 2 years of PUBG PC. 

BAE constantly seeks to raise their bar by competing in numerous tournaments both locally and around the globe such as AOC Asia Pacific Battle of the Visionaries finals in Chengdu, China. It was our second time in China for a PUBG tournament and the Onslaught League.

The team competes and train full-time with the support of our organization and all of their dedicated members are committed to continuously improving themselves by hosting daily scrims, VOD reviews and discussion.

With the above input, GamelinG is confident that with their drive, support, commitment and dedication the team will be able to one day be the best team in the Southeast Asia region and qualify for the PUBG Global Championship in the international arena.

Wishing BAE the very best with stellar growths in their E-sports career. Catch this dynamic team in action today on our GamelinG events! Get Good! Get Paid!