Gameling Spotlight: Introducing A4 from Thailand

Gameling Spotlight: Introducing A4 from Thailand

Gameling Proudly presents the top team from 256 members strong A4 Thailand PUBG, the mother clan A4 Thailand comprises of 7 clans, A4 One Round, Two Round, Three Round, Four Round, Malaysia, India and PUBG LITE. Amongst these 7 teams, one of the top teams is aptly named A4. AceTeam.

This young team of 6 elite players comprises of A4 | Gx6, A4| ICEAGE, A4 | VDO, A4 | PuHupxxx and A4|KOB and is skillfully managed by their team leader A4 | MakiAshino. Constantly seeking international exposure, A4. AceTeam hunts for open tournaments in Bangkok and Malaysia with a cumulative win of SGD $1450. Some notable achievements under their belts include 2nd place in eArena, 9th Place BLM, UFA round 1 and 2 Top 3, Gameling Gauntlet 2019 Finals.

A4 AceTeam is passionate and driven to achieve their goal to compete and leave a mark in the international arena and to be the top amongst globally renown teams. Gameling Gauntlet 2019 is one such event which they competed in with players from different SEA countries with numerous PMCO level teams. They competed skillfully and their hard work paid off when they made it to the finals, although they fell short of winning the event, as a testament to their tenacity the team will be hunting for more opportunities to compete with the best.

As with all successful teams, A4. AceTeam is fuelled by their belief in “Espirit De corps”, the team not only follows a strict training regime to instil discipline but also instills pride amongst each individual team members, every member of the team is required to meet up regularly for team discussions to  encourage team bonding and strategy.  Internally, the team regularly hosts competitions with real time casters and amongst their other clan mates, this allows them to simulate competition scenarios as closely as possible with random elements and pressure thrown into the gameplay.  A4 AceTeam is well integrated with their mother clan and operates as a collective whole, essentially leveraging on the strengths from different teams in the clan. 

A4. AceTeam focuses a lot on the drive and passion of their members towards Esports and spends time developing strategies to encourage them. Such as a Weekly prize system for top players as a form of motivation and reward the tremendous effort these players put into achieving the team’s goal. The team also emphasizes a lot on helping one another and set up a discussion channels via Facebook, Whatsapp and Line pages for everyday discussions and members seeking help. In A4 Clan, no one is alone.  

Gameling is proud to have hosted A4. AceTeam and warmly welcomes them into our Gameling community, catch this team of young rising stars in action in future gameling events. As the saying goes, Get Good! Get Gaid!