About GamelinG®

GamelinG® is an esports platform that organizes online and live tournaments and leagues. While most esports competitions organized are for the elites, we aim to bring esports to the casual gamers who just want to enjoy gaming in a competitive environment.


We welcome players of all skill levels from all over the world who are at least 13 years of age to play online arenas through the GamelinG® website. ESRB or other game rating may restrict entry. Geographic restrictions may apply depending on the laws of your country. Please read our Terms and Conditions and any arena rules (if applicable) for more information.

GamelinG® supports top multiplayer titles for PC and mobile phones.

To view all the games we currently offer on our platform, click on the Arena page. It will also display all the currently available arenas. We will continuously strive to add more games onto our platform. If you have any suggestions on the types of games we can add on to our platform, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

You are only allowed to sign up for one account with GamelinG®. If you are found to have multiple accounts, you will be in violation of our Terms and Conditions which may result in the termination of any accounts you hold.

When you first create your account, at the bottom of the page you will be asked if you wish to subscribe to receive our emails for news and updates. Simply check it to receive updates.

If you did not click on it at first, you can always do so via the website. Once you have logged in, go to your Profile page and check the checkbox and click on "Save Changes".

For more information on arenas, go to the Arenas page for a full list of active and upcoming arenas.

You can also "Like" GamelinG® on Facebook for news and updates.

Most arenas will have a registration fee. There are 4 payment methods right now:

  • Internet Banking
  • PayNow
  • PayPal
  • Mobile Wallet
You can find more information on the various payment methods here.

The GamelinG® ID is the email you use to register on our website. If you wish to change your GamelinG® ID, go to the Profile page and enter your new email on the field, and then select Save Changes.


GamelinG® offers free-to-enter and pay-to-enter arenas with a variety of prizes, including cash.

A free-to-enter arena is an arena you can join for free and still win prizes.

A pay-to-enter arena is an arena where an entry fee is charged to join. The entry fee can be paid through our various payment methods that can be found here.

The leaderboard keeps track of the amount of prize money given out. The leaderboard is automatically updated as long as you participate in an arena. What better way to show off to your friends than through your earnings?

Please refer to the tiebreaker rules in the particular event. If there isn't one specified, please approach any of the admins in the discord channel for more information.

If you have completed and won your game, log into your GamelinG® account. Click on "My Wallet" and submit a withdrawal request.


We do offer various payment methods using local banks or mobile wallets in some selected countries. In order to avoid any foreign exchange fees, please deposit to the payment method of your country.

If there isn't any local payment method specified for your country, you may pay through PayPal. For more information, please see the Payment Methods page.

Step 1:
Check if your bank account has the PayNow function. Most Singaporean bank accounts have the PayNow function.
Click on Payments/Transfers, and select "Pay to PayNow user"

Step 2:
Select from which account you will be making a deposit from.

Step 3:
Select Unique Entity Number (UEN) as the option for where you will be transferring money to. Enter the following details:
UEN: 201903926G

To withdraw your cash balance, go to My Wallet. Enter your bank account holder name, bank name, bank account number, and amount and click on "Withdraw".


A dispute may happen in several scenarios:

  • Both you and your opponent report a win for the same arena
  • You do not agree with the decisions made by GamelinG

The only action you can undertake in the event of a dispute is to provide us with more evidence to resolve the dispute. Our Game Masters will investigate the dispute and keep in touch with you throughout the course of the investigation. Once the investigation is completed, our Game Masters will then provide you with the final decision which is final and not reversible.

You can send us evidence through [email protected]. You will be issued with an Incident Number which you can use to quote for future references.

If a disconnect happens in a game that has more than 2 players, there will not be any replays and your score will also be voided. It is the player’s responsibility to be in a location with a good network during the duration of the game.

If the disconnect is wide-spread (i.e. >10% of the game), which could be due to a telco outage or game fault, the game will be replayed. The replayed game has to be completed within the next 2 hours, failing which the score for the last game would be taken into consideration. The decision to replay the game based on the remaining players will be determined by the Game Master in the Discord channel.

No refunds will be given in the event of a disconnection.

To assist us with our evaluation on whether to replay the game, all players who have disconnected are encouraged to send us a screenshot of the game at the point of disconnect, or at the very least, a report of a disconnect through [email protected].