Video Content Creator (PUBG Mobile)

GamelinG’s Content Team has a vision to generate high quality content for our viewers and engaging with the audience to promote our brand and our sponsors. As a Video Content Creator, you’ll play a key role in providing awesome and interactive content. You’ll work closely with our Creative Manager to achieve this vision.

Position: Part Time

Your mission is to:

  • Be GamelinG’s on-air charismatic personality; whether its casting for an event or just narrating your friend’s LAN party, you’re able to make your audience laugh and enjoy the content
  • Generate high quality video content weekly
  • Promote our sponsors in an engaging and interactive manner
  • Add value to our viewers, be it with the game’s strategies or with humor

What we’re looking for:

  • Enthusiastic and creative individual
  • Comfortable with being on camera and in front of a live audience
  • In depth knowledge of PUBG Mobile to be able to provide insightful and charismatic commentary
  • Fluent with English
  • Able to cast for our events on Saturday nights
  • Strategic thinking on how to engage brands with the audience

Interested? We’re excited to hear from you too! Please send your resume and any Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Video footages of you commentating to [email protected] with the subject line “Esports Commentator Application”. If you also have your own social media pages, please include their links in the email as well.